Friday, November 27, 2009

Week 7 Recap....Cowboys and Indians...and Kickball Oh my!

Thanksgiving has come and gone my kickballing brethren, and I must say I am thankful for a lot of things - puppies, the Neverending Story, tacos, Three's Company, boogie boards, Thrifty's err Rite Aid ice cream, Kickball...I could go on and on until a week from Tuesday.

But I digress, there were two competitive games this past Sunday of note, a charity event at Mr. Pockets, a flip cup tournament, and a 2nd consecutive Sunday Funday karaoke. SO let's get started.

Boozehounds vs. Gordon Bombay's All Stars

After a victorious rock-paper-scissors, the Boozehounds could not have expected any further victory and yet...they still put up a fight against the team across the kickball field coached by Gordon Bombay himself. Chief Biggity and Cowboy Cramer ( didn't know there were cowboys at Thanksgiving?!) rallied the troops after the All-Stars went ahead 3-0. I don't recall exact hits because let's be honest it's been 5 days. The Boozehounds made it close at 3-2, before GB's pulled away 6-2. Chief Biggity did his best Daniel Day Lewis impression in Last of the Mohicans (see below, um quite graphic) before remembering it was just a kickball game and man bunting was no reason to wage war. The Boozehounds rallied in the 5th inning before falling 6-3 with the bases loaded. Gordon Bombay seems prime for a big matchup against the Empty Pitchers next week.

Kicking Balls and Taking Names vs. Empty Pitchers

The Empty Pitchers looked to keep pace with Gordon Bombay by battling the forces of Orange on the grassy knoll known as our 2nd field. This field is like the movie Labyrinth in that there are no set locations for bases which makes it like a virtual maze and sometimes David Bowie shows up. Alfred "Pepperoni Pizza" Mesa had a very complex defensive scheme which involved confusing the Empty Pitchers by refusing to catch anything kicked near him. This did not pay off in the end, but was still worth a shot. Oh wait...this was a forfeit? Well NOW, you tell me. I like my version better. From what I hear, it was an entertaining scrimmage full of laughter, tears, and undying friendship. Wait...that was last night's episode of Family Ties. Anyway, what's with all those forfeits?!?

Next post coming up for recap of the charity event and Sunday Funday. Also pictures from the field and the bar from Allison Knight who we all know once stunt doubled for Sigourney Weaver in Alien.

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